Yanno wuh I am sick and tired of? POSERS!

They just don’t EVER KNOW when to freaken stop!

You can checkout my friend’s blogs here. http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/47276 & http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/49688 if you don’t feel like reading what I’m gonna tumblr about.

My friend has this classmate who had a crush on this Taiwanese guy. My friend checked him out, and WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! It’s just RAIN&GONG YOO. Like wow, really? Bi Rain and Gong Yoo DON’T LOOK ALIKE! ><

And then I have no idea why he’s gnna say MONG when it’s CLEARLY HMONG!

These are from my friends edits. Nothing belongs to me. I asked her for permission.


And then his statement here KILLED ME. OMG!

^That was only part one. LOL. 

This time, this guy told my friend’s classmate that he was gonna perform last Thursday on tv. He said it was gnna be on channel 750. So what part of the world are you both from for it to be on channel 750? LOL. What does channel 750 means? I felt bad, bcuz the girl waited and waited, and HE DOESN’T PERFORM. LOL!

My friend went to add him on FB and SPAMMED HIM!

Sorry if i blocked her name. I can’t reveal her to ya. please understand.

And yes, his name is YEANG KYLE. 

After being spammed, he BLOCKED my friend, and DELETED ALL THE POSTS she posted.

He didn’t want anyone knowing who he is or what he’s doing.

HE POSED AS PIANIST CHRIS KO! C’mon now! Heck yea I told Chris about it. HE HAS THE RIGHT TO KNOW!!!

The rest of the stories are in the links i linked above, if you wanna know. 

I’ve met posers b4, but i never met ONE LIKE THIS GUY who took it to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. =.=

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Happy 19th birthday to the most talented & the best leader!

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Welcome to tumblr, a place where you can express yours opinions freely just as long as you’re okay with being bashed and judged by those who don’t agree with it. 



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happy 19th birthday to block b’s beautiful jamaican begger leader, woo jiho (z i c o).

happy 19th birthday to block b’s beautiful jamaican begger leader, woo jiho (z i c o).

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sillyjowiee said: mizzzzzzz guessss who i am LOL

i know who you are the moment you called me gangster. >.> LOL

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hello: mizjukudoll: she can’t be pregnant, she’s a human: If a fic appears on...


she can’t be pregnant, she’s a human: If a fic appears on this blog tagged with “badfic,” it’s for a…


If a fic appears on this blog tagged with “badfic,” it’s for a reason.

Even if only the title is posted… it’s for a reason.

Mostly because the…

Aww, why are you getting all mad and cussing? Did i get you that mad? Daang! I AINT EVEN MAD! LOL!!!! I also wasnt trying to sound smart. >.> So idk watchu talking about. LMAOOOO!!! If my fanfiction sucks so much, then why are you reading it? XDD

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mizsunshinelee said: OMFG these people are just WOW can they just keep their mouth shut? I swear I have a shorter temper than you, and yet you can be so calmed down. I know this is only the DAMN INTERNET and Cyber World but these damn people NEEDS TO FUCK OFF...

Hahahahaha! There aint shit to be mad about, dude. LOL. I’m just laughing at how they live their life digging through the list of AFF Stories. hahha!!

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WHO ARE YOU!?!? AND HOW DID U FIND ME?! lmao jk!!!

But am I supposed to escape from you? o.O lol

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[PRE DEBUT] P.O (top middle in both photos)

Anonymous said: i don't see why ppl would want to be on your in the first place tbh 8DDD

then why are you here?! LMFAOOOO!!! WHAT A FAIL YOU ARE! HAHA!

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Anonymous said: waste of a blog? i don't see 30+ ppl on your blog every hour of the day 8]

on my blog? i never asked for anyone to come to my blog. LOL! You came on your own accord. HAHAHA!!

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Anonymous said: lmfao you need to chill the fuck out with your fics. stop stalking that blog and get on with your life or something jfc

Oh really? Then why dont you tell your friends to stop stalking my stories and the rest of AFF stories too. They need a life more than I do. LOL!!!!!! and YOU need to chill. I aint even cussing! LOL!

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Like wow. I didn’t know I got you THAT MAD! LOL. I guess you’re having lots of fun eh? Keep having fun getting mad. Because I am having fun laughing at your stupidity of wasting such e-mail and and tumblog. LOL!!

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